New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.,
(A State Govt. Company)

Electrical Inspectorate Process

The Directorate of Electrical Safety and Chief Electrical Inspector to the Government of Andhra Pradesh (CEIG) is tasked with the responsibility of:

  • Scrutinizing and approving electrical designs/drawings for generating stations, solar power plants, wind mills, etc.
  • Inspecting the installations for which designs/drawings were approved.
  • Issuing defect notices for installations which were inspected.
  • Issuing Statutory Certificate on receipt of final compliance report.

As per the Solar Rooftop Policy Guidelines, no prior approval of CEIG is required in case the solar rooftop plant is connected at LT level of distribution network up to 10 kWp capacity.

The CEIG has developed a website under the ‘Ease of Doing Business Portal’ for online application. The CEIG’s website can be accessed through the link given below.

User Manual

Drawing & Statutory Approval for New Installations Portal – Consumer - User Guide